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For those that live life LOUD, always pushing, never giving up, and never compromising. Skunk Factory delivers crafted products and style for your unapologetic lifestyle.



We care about your each and every inhale.

With over twenty years of experience in regenerative agriculture and extraction, our hyper-focused team delivers consistent high-quality products with your life, style, and attitude in mind.

We offer an exceptional cannabis experience by fine-tuning cannabinoid and terpene profiles throughout the cultivation process so we can deliver consistency and excellence in every product.

Never settle. Skunk Factory. #GETLOUD


It Starts with Exclusive Genetics and Holistic Farming

Excellence in cultivation comes from years of education and a love for the land. We rely on micro-climates and terroir to curate plant selection, pairing best genetics with optimal growing conditions. Our belief in regenerative agriculture guides us through this holistic process.

Skunk Factory has consistent high-quality and variety. In a market where you don’t know what you are getting 75% of the time, it’s nice to know I can count on them to give me real top shelf goods.
— Tajai, Hieroglyphics Crew


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los angeles, cA
oakland, CA
san francisco, CA
sacramento, CA
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